It’s not about just being
young & hip.


Millennials demand experiences and they want to interact with brands in ways the rest of the population never thought of.



With 5 out of 6 millennials actively connecting on social media, it’s time to think differently about how to reach them.



They don’t think like everyone else you’ve been marketing to for years. Millennials are the main focus of most marketing efforts for modern brands with around 25% of the U.S. population. In 2018, Millennials will pass Baby Boomers as the group with the most buying power.



They share their location, are eager to see nearby offers, and happy to share the news with friends. Over 85% of millennials own smartphones and use them at least 45 different times per day. Marketing strategies need to include all types of devices and needs to be flexible enough to reach millennials wherever they go.




Voice, creativity, and visual components of your community are primarily influenced by millennials. The Fox Agency is focused on staying current with the latest trends to help clients keep millennials engaged. When you’re ready to reach more millennials, just reach out.