Photography Social Club

Project Manager


Mike Fox



Client Background

Photography Social Club is a private membership community that connects photography lovers with helpful tools and resources of the craft.



Project Details

PSC builds a bridge for photography lovers to learn, create, network, earn and most importantly, have fun. Unlike other photography groups/clubs that often focus on traditional methods, our mission is to assemble engaging members that all have something in common: a creative soul and passion for changing the world and our job was to create a community website to have users engaged. Members can register, interact and share media all through a custom backend design.




 Their members range from many industries including creative, beauty and media sectors so we wanted to make sure the website displayed a welcoming vibe for anyone to join, not just photographers.




Photography Social Club is on a mission to connect education, creativity, experience, friendship, critique, and mentorship all into one place. We are very glad to be apart of that mission.