Dessert Week

Project Manager


Alicia Levers



Client Background

Dessert Week was a startup event in Downtown LA. It was created to showcase the best desserts in Los Angeles and have the people vote for which one was THE best dessert in the vast area of Los Angeles. With the help of spreading the word via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest it became a sold-out event in a few short months. One sweet festival + one week of citywide dessert deals.



Project Details

The main focus was to increase traction to the website and to drive ticket sales. All of this was able to be done with the help of reaching out to dessert restaurants as well as the public with sharing Facebook events and looking at updates and delicious dessert photos through various social media accounts.




Portray the new event in a way that would appeal to not only dessert fanatics, “foodies”, but also anyone who would be in the LA area. The event was promoted with pictures of desserts, showcasing live music, as well as displaying the various games that would result in prizes.




Through endless social media posts, the event resulted in a sold-out event and everyone wanting tickets for next year.

By The Numbers:

30,000 impressions

12,000 engagements

61% fan increase to date