Brand Inclusivity

Brand Inclusivity

Diversity, body positivity, and inclusivity are reshaping customer expectations.

A survey by Accenture showed that 70% of millennials will choose inclusive and diverse brands over those that are not.

To help you get an idea of how to execute this for your brand, some examples of businesses that excel in promoting inclusivity are personal care brand Dove, underwear company ThirdLove, and cosmetics brand Fenty Beauty. These brands have made it a point to ask real women to appear on their ads instead of hiring picture-perfect models. They have been launching ad campaigns that aim to shatter beauty stereotypes and featuring women of every age, ethnicity, shape, size, and gender orientation to empower their customers.

Of course, if your brand doesn’t necessarily cater to women, you can make your brand inclusive through other means. For example, you can be economically inclusive by offering products at different price points. This will allow you to tap customers from different walks of life. In the same way, you can be functionally inclusive by designing products that can be used by differently-abled individuals.

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